Extra Effort

Characters are sometimes called upon to perform feats beyond even their amazing abilities. This calls for extra effort. Players can use extra effort to improve a character’s abilities in exchange for the character suffering some fatigue. The benefits of extra effort are not limited by power level due to their extraordinary nature.


Players can have their Characters use extra effort simply by declaring they are doing so. Extra effort is a free action and can be performed at any time during the Character’s turn (but is limited to once per turn). A Character using extra effort gains one of the following benefits:


Gain an additional standard action during your turn, which can be exchanged for a move or free action, as usual.


Perform one check with a bonus (2 circumstance bonus) or improve an existing bonus to a major bonus (5 circumstance bonus). This bonus can also negate a penalty (–2 circumstance penalty), allowing you to perform the check with no modifier, or reduce a major penalty from a –5 penalty to a –2 penalty.


Increase one of your character's power effects by +1 rank until the start of the character’s next turn. Permanent effects cannot be increased in this way.


Temporarily gain and use an Alternate Effect (see Alternate Effect in Powers). The Alternate Effect lasts until the end of the scene or until its duration expires, whichever comes first. Permanent effects cannot be used for power stunts.


Gain an immediate additional resistance check against an ongoing effect. If you’re compelled or controlled, the fatigue from the extra effort doesn’t affect you until you’re free of the effect; this is so you can’t resist yourself to exhaustion as a way of avoiding being controlled!


Certain effects (see the Powers) require extra effort to retry after a certain degree of failure. The extra effort merely permits another attempt to use the effect; it grants no other benefits.


Increase the character’s speed rank by +1 until the start of the character’s next turn.


Increase the character’s Strength rank by +1 until the start of the character’s next turn.

In comic book stories, characters often confront the villain(s) and deal with various setbacks. Perhaps the villain defeats or outwits them in the first couple scenes. Maybe one or more of the characters have to overcome a personal problem. The villain may have a secret the characters need to discover, and so forth. By the end of the story, the characters have overcome these challenges and they’re ready to take on the villain.


At the start of the turn immediately after using extra effort, the character becomes fatigued. A fatigued character who uses extra effort becomes exhausted and an exhausted character who uses extra effort is incapacitated. If you spend a destiny point at the start of the turn following the extra effort to remove the fatigue, the character suffers no adverse effects. In essence, spending a valiant point lets you use extra effort without suffering fatigue.

Extra Effort

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